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Aubiose Aubiose
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Aubiose is a completely different type of bedding and should provide you with savings in time and labour if it is managed properly. The bedding works by soaking up liquids in a small area, at the base of the bed. The capped layer that forms over this saturated material reduces the chance of wet bedding being mixed in with the dry. The top layer of the bed remains warm, soft and dry for the horse.
Bedmax Shavings Bedmax Shavings
BEDMAX shavings are made from predominantly pine timber because there is extensive scientific evidence that pine may help safeguard your horses health and welfare in the stable. It adds an extra dimension of natural hygienic protection in the stable but without costing any extra. Made from larger flakes to ensure the bedding is deep and does not compact as easily as alternative shavings. Full bedd…
Bedrap Bedrap
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edrap is made from our best quality rape straw which is cleaned, chopped and dust extracted to a high standard. We recommend that horses and ponies prone to COPD and breathing problems should try this new dust extracted bedding. The bedding is extremely absorbent because of the pith in the centre of the stem, from which bedrap is made. Wet areas in the bed are contained and do not easily spread so…
Easibed Easibed
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Easibed bedding is a clean, dust free wood fibre bedding which is loved by horses and their owners alike. Made from 100 per cent recycled clean white wood, its texture and warmth provide a bed your horse won't want to leave! The consistency of easibed means it gives a supportive and free-draining bed, allowing the wet to drain through to the base where it is absorbed, and leaving the top dry and c…
Fennington Fibres Fennington Fibres
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Fennington Fibres made from 100% pure Miscanthus, an environmentally friendly alternative to mainstream bedding. This Equine bedding is dust extracted twice to ensure minimal dust is left in the bag. This happens via a XL shaker and air extraction system. No chemicals or additives are used in Fennington Fibres Original bedding. Miscanthus is fully biodegradable and very easy and efficient to muck…
Fennington Fusion Fennington Fusion
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A blend of Miscanthus and locally sourced oil seed rape straw. Made up of 2 parts OSR straw and 1 part Miscanthus, a small amount of miscanthus in the blend ensures the bedding unpalatable. It provides an equally effective bedding alternative to the original Miscanthus. Fennington Fusion bedding is twice dust extracted, contains no additives, is biodegradable and easy to muck out High Density 20kg…
New Flake Shavings New Flake Shavings
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New Flake Wood Shavings by Mendip Mendip New flake bales are double dust extracted to ensure they are as dust free as possible. Very absorbent and economical to use. Mixture of flake size, large flakes for extra coverage and comfort and small for absorbency.
Prostable Oddball Prostable Oddball
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ProStable Oddball Treat Feeder Toy for Horses. A multi-sided treat feeder with a 5cm diameter hole to keep your horses amused as they push it around to get the treats out. Available in multiple different colours
Pure Biofuel Wood Pellets Pure Biofuel Wood Pellets
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Pure Biofuel Wood Fuel Pellets are a premium quality, BSL Certified 6mm wood pellet heating fuel. Pure Biofuel Wood Fuel Pellets have a low ash content and low moisture content, reducing maintenance and prolonging the life of your boiler. 6mm Wood Pellets ENplus A1 Premium Quality BSL Certified Low ash content (0.5%) Low moisture content ( 7%) High calorific value pellets for long lasting value (≥…
Pure Wood Pellets (Green) Pure Wood Pellets (Green)
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Wood Pellet Info Whitest, Brightest Wood Pellets in the UK Extremely Low Ash Content No Bark No Additives or Binders
Stubbs Portable Manger 15lt Stubbs Portable Manger 15lt
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For home and mobile use this immensely popular feeder has a worldwide reputation. Moulded in tough STUBBYTHENE with black STUBBYFINE coated hooks. Available in 8 colours: White, Red, Blue, Green, Black, Purple or Pink. Height 25 cm Width 39 cm Weight 1.37 kg Depth 32cm Dry capacity 15 litres
Woodpecker Shavings Woodpecker Shavings
Available to order
Mendip Woodpecker horse bedding is made entirely from 100% softwood kiln dried woodshavings. Naturally warm, soft and comfortable bed with a clean, fresh odour. 100% Softwood kiln dried flakes
Zebra Bedding Zebra Bedding
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Wood Fibre Bedding


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