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Omega Agnus Castus 1kg Omega Agnus Castus 1kg
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Omega Agnus Castus A powerful supplement which significantly supports hormones and regulates mood Also known as chaste berry, agnus castus is an aromatic shrub which has been used for centuries to manage hormone balance. Sometimes called the ‘female herb’ it has proved very effective when fed to mares during their season. While mainly associated with mares, agnus castus has also been used to maint…
Omega B12 Boost Omega B12 Boost
£19.99 - £59.99
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A fantastic ‘pick me up’ for horses who need help managing energy levels Complex B vitamins are a valuable resource to the body and can be added to equine diet through plants, as well as being synthesized naturally within the body. However, one B Vitamin, B12, is not available in plants and only synthesized in the horse’s hindgut. Supplementing B12 is beneficial for horses in a number of ways, inc…
Omega Echinacea Powder 1kg Omega Echinacea Powder 1kg
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Naturally keeping the immune system on top form Echinacea are a group of flowering plants which belong to the daisy family. Commonly found in North America, the roots and leaves are regularly used in supplements, helping to support and maintain a resilient, strong and healthy immune system. A powerful plant, Omega Equine have added pure Echinacea to their product line due to its significant abilit…
Omega Electrolytes Omega Electrolytes
£13.50 - £53.99
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Replenish lost electrolytes to maintain general health, performance and healthy hydration Physical work or hot weather causes all of us to sweat and when we do, we lose vital electrolytes from the body. The same goes for our horses. Electrolytes are a collection of common minerals, including sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium and calcium, which work together to support efficiency in the body.…
Omega Garlic Granules Omega Garlic Granules
£5.99 - £15.99
4 in stock
Omega Garlic Granules A natural supplement which plays a large part in all round equine health In the right quantities, garlic is well-recognised as a positive addition to any horse’s diet. Rich in Vitamin B, selenium and organic sulphur compounds, it has been used for hundreds of years to support health. The plant contains properties known to aid the body’s natural defences and generally plays a…
Omega Linseed Omega Linseed
£8.75 - £21.99
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Omega Linseed Meal A simple, no mess approach to a supplement which will have horses gleaming with health Linseed meal is a fantastic addition to your horse’s feed bucket. It’s a unique supplement which is high in healthy fats and fatty acids, yet also a great source of high-soluble fibre. It is particularly popular with showing yards who are looking to achieve exception show-ring ready coats and…
Omega Sarcxpell 1.8g Omega Sarcxpell 1.8g
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Omega SarcXpell® A supercharged collection of ingredients for optimum immune health Omega SarcXpell® brings together an incredible combination of natural ingredients to significantly support the immune system and general equine health. Modern competition horses are constantly travelling, exposed to various levels of stable hygiene and under increased stress; a strong immune system is therefore ess…
Omega Seaweed 2kg Omega Seaweed 2kg
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Omega Seaweed A great all-round super-supplement packed with the ocean’s natural nutrients Seaweed is the ocean’s answer to rich natural nutrition. A member of the algae family, seaweed is nutritionally dense, providing a wealth of important amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and chemical elements. These have a wide impact on general equine health supporting many areas of the body. So…
Omega Spearmint 1kg Omega Spearmint 1kg
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Omega Spearmint A fresh and natural approach to stimulating horse appetite and supporting digestion Spearmint has long been associated with both equine and human health. With its strong, pleasing aroma and palatable taste, it’s much loved by horses who will often seek it out in the field. A welcome addition to the feed bucket, the benefits of this herb include: Spearmint is a natural appetite stim…
Omega Turmeric Extra 3.5kg Omega Turmeric Extra 3.5kg
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Omega Turmeric Extra An age-old super-spice linked to soothing skin and benefiting general health Turmeric has long been considered an essential ingredient for a healthy body. The plant belongs to the ginger family and its roots are ground into a delicious spice for cooking. It has powerful benefits for maintaining healthy levels of joint care and is considered a potent antioxidant. Used for aidin…


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