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Omega Biotin Extra 2kg Refil Bag Omega Biotin Extra 2kg Refil Bag
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Omega Biotin Extra with MSM, Methionine, Zinc, Calcium & Omega 3 Targeting cracked and damaged hooves for happier horses Keeping hooves healthy is an important part of looking after your horse. However, some horses are prone to cracked and brittle hooves which can have trouble holding shoes or break easily. These are hard to manage for both animal and owner; however, help can be given with a Bioti…
Omega Hoof 840g Omega Hoof 840g
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A balanced supplement for supporting the health of hooves Omega Hoof has been specifically formulated to help support horn and hoof quality, strength and growth. The natural ingredients have been carefully chosen to balance each other, acting in a complete harmony to achieve optimum health. Targeting hooves, the ingredients of this incredible product include: A high concentration of natural biotin…
Omega Hoof Perfect 500ml Omega Hoof Perfect 500ml
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The regular use of Hoof Perfect Dressing will help keep hooves supple and elastic, prevent splits and cracks. The antibacterial properties and barrier protection help keep the hoof free of bacteria which in turn promotes healthy growth. Hoof Perfect Dressing is ideal for all weather conditions and seasons, protecting hooves from becoming saturated in wet conditions and supply moisture in dry condi…
Omega Laminology 900g Omega Laminology 900g
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Omega Laminology A collection of natural ingredients for supporting healthy laminae and hooves The health of horse’s laminae is integral to wellbeing and performance. When circulation and digestion are working optimally, and stress is healthily managed, horses feel light on their feet no matter the task. Laminae can be sensitive to both internal and external factors, therefore Omega Equine has dev…
Omega Rosehips 1kg Omega Rosehips 1kg
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A sweet-smelling supplement for equine health, rich in iron, vitamin C and biotin The saying, ‘coming up roses’, is definitely relevant for this sweet-smelling supplement. Rosehips, the fruit of the rose plant, are one of the best sources of natural iron and vitamin C while also containing high levels of natural biotin. This makes them one of the top plants for supporting the immune and circulator…
Omega Seaweed & Rosehips 2kg Omega Seaweed & Rosehips 2kg
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Omega Seaweed + Rosehips A delicious duo of nutritionally-rich ingredients for optimum coat and hoof health Rosehips and seaweed individually are powerful natural ingredients for equine health. Combined they make a super supplement which makes the most of both land and sea. While this supplement brilliantly maintains general health, it is particularly beneficial for supporting coat and hoof health…


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