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Hematinic Boost Hematinic Boost
£14.99 - £39.99
2 in stock
Omega Hematinic Boost Nutritional support for energising blood, body and recovery When it comes to working equines, optimum circulation and oxygenation are critical to athletic performance, helping concentration, wellbeing, and long-lasting energy. Essential to this process are red blood cells, which carry oxygen to hard-working tissues and aid swift muscle recovery. Developed specifically to faci…
Omega Agnus Castus 1kg Omega Agnus Castus 1kg
1 in stock
Omega Agnus Castus A powerful supplement which significantly supports hormones and regulates mood Also known as chaste berry, agnus castus is an aromatic shrub which has been used for centuries to manage hormone balance. Sometimes called the ‘female herb’ it has proved very effective when fed to mares during their season. While mainly associated with mares, agnus castus has also been used to maint…
Omega Agnus Castus 1kg Omega Agnus Castus 1kg
1 in stock
Omega Agnus Castus A powerful supplement which significantly supports hormones and regulates mood Also known as chaste berry, agnus castus is an aromatic shrub which has been used for centuries to manage hormone balance. Sometimes called the ‘female herb’ it has proved very effective when fed to mares during their season. While mainly associated with mares, agnus castus has also been used to maint…
Omega Aloe Juice Omega Aloe Juice
£10.99 - £151.25
4 in stock
A super-food plant packed with nutrients for optimum horse health Aloe Vera is known to be one of the most nutrient dense plants on the planet. Considered a super-food, the leaf is filled with a soft gel which contains at least 200 active compounds. These are hugely valuable for maintaining optimum equine health and wellbeing, however become particularly important for weary or retired older horses…
Omega B12 Boost Omega B12 Boost
£19.99 - £59.99
4 in stock
A fantastic ‘pick me up’ for horses who need help managing energy levels Complex B vitamins are a valuable resource to the body and can be added to equine diet through plants, as well as being synthesized naturally within the body. However, one B Vitamin, B12, is not available in plants and only synthesized in the horse’s hindgut. Supplementing B12 is beneficial for horses in a number of ways, inc…
Omega Biotin Extra 2kg Refil Bag Omega Biotin Extra 2kg Refil Bag
2 in stock
Omega Biotin Extra with MSM, Methionine, Zinc, Calcium & Omega 3 Targeting cracked and damaged hooves for happier horses Keeping hooves healthy is an important part of looking after your horse. However, some horses are prone to cracked and brittle hooves which can have trouble holding shoes or break easily. These are hard to manage for both animal and owner; however, help can be given with a Bioti…
Omega Boswellia Omega Boswellia
£26.99 - £97.99
4 in stock
An ancient ingredient that provides significant support for joint movement and mobility Boswellia is a powder made from the resin secreted naturally from the Boswellia tree native to North Africa and India. Used for thousands of years, it is known to support comfortable and fluid joint movement in horses. Despite being an ancient ingredient, modern science has found a number of benefits for equine…
Omega Brewers Yeast Omega Brewers Yeast
£7.25 - £16.99
4 in stock
Omega Brewers Yeast A favourite for maintaining healthy digestion and calming stressed or anxious horses Brewers yeast is a natural by-product of the beer fermentation process and a firm favourite for horse owners. Ground into a fine power, it is packed with high levels of complex B vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids, all nutrients essential for keeping horses healthy and in particular,…
Omega Camomile 1kg Omega Camomile 1kg
2 in stock
A common herb with a relaxing influence on nerves, digestion and skin Chamomile is a well-known herb used by humans for aiding restful sleep. A pretty plant with white flowers and feathery leaves, it is also beneficial for horse health too. It has the same relaxing properties for a horse as it does a human, soothing both the nervous and digestive systems. This is particularly relevant for horses w…
Omega Cider Vinegar Omega Cider Vinegar
£4.40 - £44.00
5 in stock
A hard-working yard staple to increase appetite and help with many areas of equine health From kitchen to stable, apple cider vinegar is known for its numerous health benefits. When it comes to equine, it is especially regarded for aiding joint health and increasing appetite. This is useful for fussy eaters or animals which have lost their appetite. Other brilliant benefits include: Cleans the dig…
Omega Dandelion Leaf Powder 1kg Omega Dandelion Leaf Powder 1kg
Available to order
A common weed packed with nutrients for a healthy gut and urinary tract The yellow-flowered dandelion is a tempting treat for horses, hence the nickname ‘horse lettuce’. But while it may be a stubborn weed, it also provides a rich source of vitamins and minerals when consumed. Best known for supporting both the urinary and digestive systems, dandelion is known to encourage healthy urination, suppo…
Omega Digest Gut Balancer Omega Digest Gut Balancer
£15.99 - £27.50
5 in stock
A supplement for sustaining optimum digestive health and managing equine stress Sometimes we all need a little digestive support; horses are no different. Omega Digest Gut Balancer helps support general wellbeing and aids digestive function and efficiency. A palatable everyday probiotic and prebiotic powder, it’s beneficial for horses with loose droppings. With a known link between the gut and bra…
Omega Echinacea Powder 1kg Omega Echinacea Powder 1kg
Available to order
Naturally keeping the immune system on top form Echinacea are a group of flowering plants which belong to the daisy family. Commonly found in North America, the roots and leaves are regularly used in supplements, helping to support and maintain a resilient, strong and healthy immune system. A powerful plant, Omega Equine have added pure Echinacea to their product line due to its significant abilit…
Omega Electrolytes Omega Electrolytes
£13.50 - £53.99
3 in stock
Replenish lost electrolytes to maintain general health, performance and healthy hydration Physical work or hot weather causes all of us to sweat and when we do, we lose vital electrolytes from the body. The same goes for our horses. Electrolytes are a collection of common minerals, including sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium and calcium, which work together to support efficiency in the body.…
Omega Fennel Seed 1kg Omega Fennel Seed 1kg
1 in stock
Omega Fennel Seed Super supplement for naturally easing flatulence, bloating and breathing in equines Fragrant fennel has a distinctive aniseed flavour. The seed is tasty and nutritious, enjoyed by many equines, making it an ideal supplement for fussy eaters. Once consumed, the high fibre content and antimicrobial properties help sustain various natural bodily functions, particularly in the digest…
Omega Flax Oil Omega Flax Oil
£8.75 - £84.99
8 in stock
A vegetable oil packed with essential fatty acids for maintaining healthy skin, coats and joints Flax Oil, also known as linseed oil, is obtained from the gentle cold pressing of the dried ripe seed of the flax plant. The resulting product is packed with essential fatty acids, particularly omega 3 but also some omega 6. These essential fatty acids are important for maintaining basic cellular healt…
Omega Flexology Omega Flexology
£39.99 - £139.99
2 in stock
A complete natural supplement for supporting and maintaining all aspects of joint health Horses young and old will at some point require support when it comes to joint health, especially those in intense competition. While there are many supplements which support aspects of joint health, Omega Equine has created a complete supplement for everything joint related, from maintaining the health of ten…
Omega Garlic Granules Omega Garlic Granules
£5.99 - £15.99
3 in stock
Omega Garlic Granules A natural supplement which plays a large part in all round equine health In the right quantities, garlic is well-recognised as a positive addition to any horse’s diet. Rich in Vitamin B, selenium and organic sulphur compounds, it has been used for hundreds of years to support health. The plant contains properties known to aid the body’s natural defences and generally plays a…
Omega Glucosamine Extra Omega Glucosamine Extra
£15.50 - £27.99
6 in stock
Omega Glucosamine Extra A simple yet effective supplement for supporting cartilage and joint health Glucosamine is an amino-sugar which occurs naturally inside a horse’s body. It mainly assists with healthy cartilage production but also benefits the health of collagen, joint fluid, tendons and ligaments. Omega Glucosamine Extra is fortified with MSM and hyaluronic acid (HA) for optimum joint healt…
Omega Groom Perfect Omega Groom Perfect
1 in stock
Anti-tangling & Shine spray for a perfect mane and tail and a professional finish ready for the show ring or for making everyday grooming easier. For a long lasting finish; Groom Perfect's fast drying and detangling action makes brushing through your horse's mane and tail effortless. Non sticky, doesn't attract dirt and remains effective for days. A Perfect addition to your grooming kit.
Omega Hoof 840g Omega Hoof 840g
2 in stock
A balanced supplement for supporting the health of hooves Omega Hoof has been specifically formulated to help support horn and hoof quality, strength and growth. The natural ingredients have been carefully chosen to balance each other, acting in a complete harmony to achieve optimum health. Targeting hooves, the ingredients of this incredible product include: A high concentration of natural biotin…
Omega Linseed Omega Linseed
£8.75 - £21.99
26 in stock
Omega Linseed Meal A simple, no mess approach to a supplement which will have horses gleaming with health Linseed meal is a fantastic addition to your horse’s feed bucket. It’s a unique supplement which is high in healthy fats and fatty acids, yet also a great source of high-soluble fibre. It is particularly popular with showing yards who are looking to achieve exception show-ring ready coats and…
Omega Psyllium 1kg Omega Psyllium 1kg
1 in stock
Omega Psyllium Naturally supporting comfortable, regular, and healthy guts in equines Psyllium, made from the seed husks of the Plantago ovata plant, is dense in dietary fibre. For this reason, it's a highly regarded supplement for supporting and maintaining digestive health, both in humans and equines. Gastrointestinal health is hugely important, impacting not just digestion, but systems througho…
Omega Respirair 925g Omega Respirair 925g
1 in stock
Omega Respirair A powerful combination of ingredients which work together for optimum respiratory health Omega Respirair is a uniquely designed supplement which supports the equine respiratory system. For horses who under-go regular intense physical exercise and competition, maintaining healthy breathing is essential for optimum well-being and performance. This supplement is also beneficial for ol…


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