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D&h High Fibre Cubes D&h High Fibre Cubes
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Low in starch, high in fibre Contains a broad spectrum package of vitamins Increases fibre intake Dodson and Horrell Clasic Fibre Cubes are a low in starch, high fibre nut designed especially for horses and ponies that are at rest or in light work. Our High Fibre Nuts are 95% whole cereal free and contain a broad spectrum package of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein and fibre for a happy,…
D&H Pasture Mix D&H Pasture Mix
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Dodson & Horrell Leisure Pasture Mix is the original oat free coarse mix, specifically formulated for horses and ponies in light to medium work. Dodson & Horrell Pasture Mix is packed full of vitamins and minerals, quality protein and antioxidants to keep your active, working horse healthy and in optimum condition. Herbal blend of garlic, mint, basil and oregano Low Protein, oat free, non heating…
D&H Sixteen Plus Mix 20kg D&H Sixteen Plus Mix 20kg
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Sixteen Plus Mix is the ideal high calorie solution for your veteran. Source of quality protein, providing essential amino acids with added L-Lysine to support muscle mass. Live Actisaf yeast probiotic to support digestive function. Includes QLC plant based antioxidants and additional vitamin E to support immune function. Contains chelated minerals to support absorption and activity in the body Su…
D&H Ultimate Balancer D&H Ultimate Balancer
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Very high in biotin With added antioxidants With added B vitamins, MSM and pre-biotics Dodson & Horrell Ultimate Balancer is one of the most comprehensive and versatile balancers on the market. It is low in calories, can be fed on its own or as an addition to an existing feed and is suitable for all horses and ponies, whatever their workload, including laminitics which makes it ideal for those of…


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