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Paleo Plus Berry Good 500g Paleo Plus Berry Good 500g
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Paleo Plus Berry Good (500g) Paleo Plus Berry Good is a raw dog food supplement with an impressive array of sustainably sourced super-foods, chosen for their nutritional excellence. Packaged in compostable and recyclable 500g packs. Responsibly Sourced All ingredients have been selected from wild and/or sustainable and ethical sources. Keeping Your Dog Happy and Healthy Paleo Plus Berry Good is gr…
Paleo Plus Lamb & Mint 500g Paleo Plus Lamb & Mint 500g
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Paleo Plus Lamb & Mint Raw Dog Food is a single protein dish and another excellent addition to the range. Knowing the importance of organotherapy to dogs (where like feeds like, liver feeds liver, kidney feeds kidney etc), we have used only Grass fed, High welfare, British and outdoor reared Lamb. This raw dog food includes a great range of organs including Liver Lung Kidney Spleen. We have also a…
Paleo Plus Pork & Apple 500g Paleo Plus Pork & Apple 500g
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Paleo Plus Pork & Apple Raw Dog Food is a fantastic addition to our single-protein range. Pork is a great meat for raw dog food and ours is all reared outdoors, as happy pigs makes for healthier meat. Packed full of pork meat, this product boasts an awesome range of organ contents to boot: Liver Heart Kidney Lung Pancreas We have also included Pork trachea for good measure. Many pork-based raw dog…
Paleo Plus Surf & Turf 500g Paleo Plus Surf & Turf 500g
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Let's face it, it's a brilliant name... It makes you hungry just looking at it. We formulated Paleo Plus Surf & Turf Raw Dog Food to be exactly that; very tasty, and our taste trials have proven it to be just so. The 'Surf' For the ‘Surf’ part we use sustainably caught, Atlantic Sardines. Sardines are a brilliant food source, not only are they whole, and thus we get some eyes and brains in the mix…


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